Careless childhood or frantic youth? – My answer to the unanswerable

I see this post on my Instagram feed and immediately sends it to my brother. Being an over thinker, I am really made to think that those days were the best. No worries, no insecurities and everything taken care of by my parents.  My brother who looks at everything in life through a practical eye writes back “Yeah bro, I so miss those days. Remember, we used to go to school on bicycles and got chased by a dog who sat in the till the conclusion of the morning assembly. Lol. But the things are still good, just the pattern has changed. LYL because YOLO :P”. I goggled the ‘LYL’, the exercise which made me feel like a 50 years old uncle when I am at the peak of my Jawani. By the way, LYL stands for ‘Live Your Life’ in the mindfucking – constantly changing – urban dictionary – of the coolest kids ever.

It hit me hard. He had given an open ended yet precise answer to my forward drenched in the syrup of emotions and it somehow made sense. Within a fraction of seconds, I am on Instagram and start writing:

Love is a complicated subject. But this complicated subject finds solution in doing the smallest of things for each other.

No phase of the life is better that the other. How you make most of it determines which one will contribute largest to the dreams that you want to achieve. Its futile to get into a comparison and ruin the current. I have been an observer of many conversations in which people hold only one regret – “Vo bhi kya din the yaar. Life ke lag gaye he ab to”. Have I also done that? Yes, and I usually cover it saying, “This quarter life crisis, no”.

My past time before writing this blog was to crib about how I so miss my dear childhood. I would call up my brother or meet my friends and just talk about the past – that how reckless our school days were, that we needed not to fuck our minds with taxes, investments and relationships. Then on one call (possibly after tired of the same shit that bled his ears for a long time), my brother turned my mind towards the paucity of funds that we had to pursue our hobbies, the small fights my parents had, those dreaded exams which made me go to the loo thrice in the morning, when I couldn’t bowl a single ball properly, constant nagging by my classmates on being short, school mates laughing on my small bicycle, teachers scolding me for wearing dirty school uniform or loose socks and the list goes on.

Fast forward now – I have a 7-figure annual salary, can travel to the destinations I want, buy good clothes and live a life of a relatively good financial status in India.

So the universal truth that ‘Nothing comes perfect in life’ applies here too. Our childhood was fun but not bountiful and our youth has its own share of pros and cons. So, the mantra to live a life of no regrets is to channelize energy towards the good and live to the fullest rather than losing sleep over matters that may not last another dawn.

Do you remember the pain of playing cricket barefoot or cherish these memories of your childhood buddies? See, I said this – sorrows last for a brief period while you are enduring them but the memories of happiness get engraved for the lifetime. After all, LYL because YOLO!!

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Truth and Talisman by Tejan

A millennial facing quarter-life-crisis but still trying to answer questions such as 'What really makes a life successful? Storyteller striking a balance between Truth and Talisman. If you relate to it, we all are gonna make it big!

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